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What Materials do yo use?

Predominantly coloured pencils: Faber-Castel Polychromos. Though from time to time Pan Pastels, Holbein and Caran d'Ache pencils will make an appearance in my works.

Did you study art or are you self taught? 

Self taught. 

Do you have any/can you make a tutorial? 

Nope. I literally make this up as I go along, my process involves putting marks on the paper, disliking those marks and then perpetually correcting said marks until I'm they look like the image in my head.
I do however, hope to add some time lapse videos at some point in the future.


Do you take commissions? 

Time permitting, yes.
Shoot me a message: Contact

Can you draw me/i have this really great idea (insert idea)/you should draw (INSERT IDEA) etc. 

I can do all of these things, contact me for commission information: Contact

I'm writing a comic/book, can you illustrate it.




you/Your art is disgusting/you are disturbed/I feel sorry for you/various other insults

Thank you! Glad you felt so strongly about it.

All the men you draw are pathetic/sissy/cucked.

Have you ever walked in ballet heels? I think not. 


Why are there watermarks all over your art? 

I hate them too but there have been one too many products with my art plastered all over it without my permission - one idiot ruined it for everyone.